One of the barriers to smaller Local Public Health Agencies in the United States having access to on-line databases, in which to capture Inspection information, has been the cost of:

  • The initial application development & ongoing application support;
  • The hardware and infrastructure required to host the application, and;
  • The ongoing cost of infrastructure support.

Paragon has worked closely with the National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO) in the development of a world-class Environmental Health Inspection system which:


While allowing Inspectors to complete paper inspection forms and enter the information into the system when they return to the office, our system is supported on both Tablet and Laptop technology.  It gives Inspectors the option of using a wireless connection for real-time editing of information, and using the application while disconnected from the web and synchronizing when they connect o the Internet. 

If a Tablet PC is used, the signature of the Person in Charge can be captured electronically so that there is no need to maintain a paper file in the office.  Studies have shown that entering the information during the Inspection can improve the productivity of Inspectors by between 25% and 50% and virtually eliminate the need for admin staff.  There is also a general consensus that the credibility of the Inspector is enhanced through the use of either Laptop or Tablet technology.

Most importantly, our Environmental Health Inspection application is provided as a hosted service, which is secure and guaranteed to be available at least 99.99% of the time.  This eliminates the need for Agencies to incur the cost of the development and support of the application and infrastructure.  All they need is a Browser to begin using the system.

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