Elly's Brunch And Cafe - Inspection Report
Address:4800 Main Kansas City MO 64112
Establishment Type:Restaurant/Deli
Phone No.:(826) 249-1011

Inspection details
Inspection Date18 April, 2018
Inspection TypeFollow-Up
Critical Violations3
Non-critical Violations0

Violation Details
Regulation Code
Violation & Comments
Consumer Advisory for Raw or Undercooked Food - The permit holder did not inform consumers by brochures, deli case or menu advisories, label statements, table tents, placards, or other effective written means of the significantly increased risk associated with certain especially vulnerable consumers eating animal food such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, milk, pork, poultry, or shellfish that is raw, undercooked, or not otherwise processed in raw or undercooked form.
CRITICALCorrected On Site
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Observed no consumer advisory for the "skirt steak and eggs" as the eggs are offered the consumers way (orange menus). Person in charge removed menus from consumer areas, and replaced with menus that have the consumer advisory with the reminder and disclosure listed for all foods that are provided undercooked or raw. Corrected on site.
At time of inspection by authorized REGULATORY AUTHORITY inspectors: (1) A certified food service operations manager must be present in the food service area and on duty at all times of business operation, and must present a FOOD MANAGER PERMIT or card to the authorized REGULATORY AUTHORITY inspector at the time of inspection, or; (2) For food service operations where no manager is certified, eighty percent (80%) of required food handler staff shall obtain a (3) three years FOOD HANLDER CARD from the City of Kansas City, Missouri Health Department either upon completion of a FOOD HANDLER'S course through the Health Department or upon the Health Department's approval of a comparable FOOD HANDLER PERMIT or card from another provider.
CRITICALComply by : Apr 15, 2018
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Observed 2 out of 3 food prep employees with current food handler cards. Establishment is not in compliance.
Hot Holding - Potentially hazardous hot food was not maintained at temperatures in accordance with the Food Code.
CRITICALCorrected On Site
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Observed hollandaise sauce on the prep table at under 135F. Person in charge discarded. Advised person in charge that since a potentially hazardous food is an ingredient in a non cooked food item, the food is required to be held hot or cold (135F and higher or 41F or colder). ***FOOD TEMPERATURES WILL BE TAKEN DURING THE RE-INSPECTION***