AMVETS CLUB - Inspection Report
Address:225 RYMAN ST MISSOULA MT 59802
Establishment Type:2. Tavern or Bar
Phone No.:(406) 549-8907

Inspection details
Inspection Date21 September, 2010
Inspection TypeRoutine
Critical Violations3
Non-critical Violations3

Violation Details
Regulation Code
Violation & Comments
37.110.223 (3)
Improper use of pest control.
RECOMMENDED RESOLUTION: Pest control devices must be installed to prevent contamination. Rodent bait must be covered and in tamper-resistant stations. No toxic tracking powder can be used and dead pest must be removed from traps or premises regularly.
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Due to the plumbing issues and sewage backup, there is a lot of flies in the facility. In the hole underneath the three-compartment sink, there are signs of harborage and hatching. You must prevent pests and harborage at all times.
37.110.218 (1)
Waste water not properly disposed of in an approved waste water treatment system
RECOMMENDED RESOLUTION: All waste water must be disposed of in a waste water treatment system approved to treat waste water from a commercial food service establishment -- Non-water carried waste water disposal is prohibited except as specifically permitted for temporary events
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Under the bar service area there is a large hole to which the waste water from both three-compartment sinks, the ice bins, the dump sinks and the ice machine all drain. The pipe leading to what is presumed to be the sanitary sewer is severed and rotten, and most of the water goes directly into the ground, not captured by the sewer line. This is not an approved method of waste water disposal and is also a violation of the City-County Health Code. The ice machine drain line does drain properly. The line leaks, creating standing water in the facility, and due to the improper plumbing of the line, the condensate can be trapped in it, creating the possibility of backflow and mold growth. The leaks must be fixed and the machine plumbed to code. There are signs of sewage backup behind the hatch at the rear of the walk-in cooler. Sewage and debris are visible. There is toilet paper hanging from the hub drain in the pit. Not only is this a waste water violation and a violation of plumbing code, this is a high health risk. All of the above violations must be corrected. All wastewater must be disposed of in an approved manner. There cannot be standing water or sewage backup in the facility. Sewage poses a risk to public health. See Tony Sauro from City Building in regards to all plumbing issues and compliance with the plumbing code.
37.110.206 (1)
Food/ice stored on floor or in inappropriate facility
RECOMMENDED RESOLUTION: Food that is not in waterproof containers must be stored food 6" off of the floor or on case lot equipment
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: The jello shots are being prepared in a room that does not have a hand sink. There must be a hand sink and approved equipment for all food and beverage preparation. If you choose to continue with the jello shots, they must be made with approved equipment and in an area designated for prep.
37.110.220 (3)
Toilet facilities not maintained in good repair
RECOMMENDED RESOLUTION: Toilet facilities and fixtures must be maintained clean and in good repair
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: There are several urinals in the mens' room which are leaking and the walls behind and underneatht them in disrepair. These must be fixed and the walls repaired and resealed. The women's room has several broken sinks. The pipes are wrapped in bubble wrap and duct tape. These must be fixed and plumbed to code.
37.110.232 (3)
Premises kept clean and maintained.
RECOMMENDED RESOLUTION: Clean premises and fix areas in need of repair.
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: There is a large amount of mold growth on the hatch door at the back of the walk-in cooler due to the amount of moisture and plumbing issues in the area. This must be cleaned and the wood must be resealed or replaced if compromised.
37.110.219 (6)
Equipment or sink(s) not adequately protected from sewer backflow or back-siphonage
RECOMMENDED RESOLUTION: Equipment in which food, dishes, utensils or other equipment are placed must be protected from backflow or back-siphonage through a physical airgap
OBSERVATIONS & CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: The ice machine is not properly plumbed and air gapped. This must be plumbed to code and draining through a 1" air gap.